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Woodworker Antonio Turlizzi - Parabita - Lecce - Italy

The new manager of the wood, long gone from the old category of carpenters, point on the line and enhance the quality of the material: thickness, colors, veining.

The wood has been used always to create things that surround our lives. It is a ductile material like few others, but at the same time warm and alive as any of us, capable of growing old to suffer, to bear the signs of aging.

Nothing, as the wood is able to reflect the gestures of our hands, caressing without breaking the flavors of the good things of our land.

Antonio Turlizzi, with the help and experience annal father Mimino Turlizzi, has found, born from essences of olive groves of Salento, the objects that proposes.

Turlizzi Antonio - Parabita (LE) 73052 - Italy
Office: via Giovanni Vinci n° 26
Show Room: via Vittorio Emanuele II n° 13

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